EXTERIOR PAINT. Someone really likes the color Yellow.

House at Purchase


The exterior paint is about 4 years old.  The pics above is what it looked like when we bought the house.  Pretty drab.  We (especially Eke) wanted a truly Yellow house.  So, we got some quotes.  They all came in at over $10,000.  That was just to paint the front of the house.   So, we decided we could do it ourselves.  Looked into what was needed,  i.e., equipment, scaffolding rental, etc.,  did an assessment of physical and psychological motivation level and decided to take it on.

IMG_0568 copy

flashing copy

The pics below show the new house color (as well as a few other things we’ve done to the house since then).  That’s “Lili” in the first picture (bottom right corner).  We lost her last January and still miss her daily.

IMG_0824 copy



  • Quote from Contractors;  A bit over $10,000 (for face of house only)
  • Our cost;  scafolding rental $550, paint and necessary materials, approx. $1,100.
  • Savings; Approx. $8,340
  • Time;  Pretty consistent weekends (two full days per week) for about two months.
  • Stress level; Low to moderate (depending upon who you’re asking).
  • Fun level; High. Loved climbing around the scaffolding and occasionaly sitting on higher level in the evening with a Bourbon.
  • Do it again assessment;  Absolutely!

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