August 12, 2015

Welding Prep

I’m a homeowner who loves to be surrounded by beauty (who doesn’t I suppose).  My idea of beauty however, is ever changing.  So, I’m always coming up with “new and improved” ideas for our sweet “little” home in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

Since I’m a pretty handy girl who loves power tools and a bit of a challenge, I take on many projects myself.  I love the idea of having done it ourselves…… especially after getting ridiculous quotes from the local Contractors.  This (the quote), in and of itself, it HIGHLY motivating to me.  Often I’m thrilled by what I’ve done, what I’ve created, the money we’ve saved.  🙂


Sometimes however……….. I get in a “bit” over my head and have to call in “the troops” to save me from myself.  Not so good.  😦

mb in cabinet

Still, 9 years in the house I continue to somehow keep finding things I want to change and friends continue to ask, “What are you doing now???”.   So, I thought it might be fun to cover the various projects I’ve taken on (and have yet to take on), share my vision and thoughts that led up to the decision to get the quote and whether to hire out or do the project myself, share the before, during, and after pictures, the trials and tribulations of  each project, and, finally my restrospective assessment of whether I’d “do it again”.  So, the following blogs will be about all of the above while providing a brief  “Summary” at the end of each project page including; the initial quote, total cost, savings, total time spent, stress level, fun factor, and finally, the “do it again” assessment.

I’ve never blogged before so bare with me as I learn while I do. That’s often the theme of my projects as well (learning as I’m doing).

The image below is our little house in Noe Valley when we first purchased it.  It is, at most, 1,000 sq. ft.  My Partner, Elke, and I have been here for about 9 years.

House at Purchase

Although it’s old and dated a bit, it was definitely in “move-in” condition when we bought it.  None the less, there were MANY things we (ok, maybe just “I”) wanted to change from the get-go.


Here we go……

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