A different kind of “project” I’ll do myself.

I love my life.  I feel utterly fortunate and blessed to be able to live the life I live.  Thanking the Angels daily.  If, for whatever reason, I became unable to go anywhere else I’d still feel so grateful for life I have.  But I, like many people, I have a “bucket list”.  Mine is quite small.

About twelve years ago, Elke and I first visited an Elephant Sanctuary, north of Chaing Mai (Thailand) for an overnight.  Since then, returning to do a volunteer stint has remained in my “bucket” of desires.


And, Since the loss of my parents over the past two years and my most recent Birthday (I’m not telling) I’ve felt increasingly more motivated to make the trip happen.  My parents knew how moved I was by the sanctuary when we were there in 2004 and it was something we talked about often.  It was also the year of “the” Tsunami in Thailand.  At the time, Elke and I had a room booked in Phuket.  But, because we were unable to get out on a flight from Bangkok the night before, we missed the Tsunami by less then 24 hrs. Our room however, did not make it, nor would we have.


As you might imagine, it was a pretty moving time for all of us.  Mom and Dad were beyond relieved when they finally heard from me a couple days after the tragedy.   So, not only was I moved by the experience of the sanctuary twelve years ago, the connection and bond with my parents became even more so. Missing them daily, a thousand times daily.


It is  booked.   I’m leaving San Francisco on Thursday, April 28th and will return Monday, May 9.  So, although I won’t be writing about a typical “Thanks, I’ll do it myself” Project, I thought this would be a good opportunity to document some of my experiences (and, photos) while there.  A different type of solo “project”.


A picture of the main property twelve years ago from the little thatched room we stayed in.

They say there’s “intermittent wifi”.  I will hope for the best.

I’m excited.  I’m scared. Flying isn’t something I do well. So, there will likely be some weeping 35,000 feet up there…


Wish me luck.  Until then…


    • Hello to you my birthday sister Patricia!! I’m hoping all is well in your world!! Let me know if you’re ever up in this area and we’ll connect. Big Hug! -Mb


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